Japanese Slang 101: 13 Cool Words that Japanese People Actually Use

Working in a Japanese company requires not only knowledge of Japanese business culture but also the use of a polite form of Japanese that is not commonly used in daily life. The meaning of these words may change from context and also may be used in a way that may not make sense when literally translated into English. Below are some of the most commonly used Japanese business phrases you will encounter while working in Japan. Usage: Use this with everyone you see when you walk into work. Closest English equivalent: Thank you for your kind cooperation. I appreciate your cooperation. Meaning: The best way to understand this phrase is as a greeting thanking the other party for their support, kindness, and or cooperation. Depending on the context this could also imply that you are thanking them for the support, kindness, cooperation in advance of any services rendered. Usage: This phrase is used when answering a phone call from a customer after you know who they are , when greeting someone from another company that you do business with, or at the start of an email to an employee of an outside company that you are doing business with. Meaning: If we were to use the direct translation by itself it could be understood that someone who looks tired has worked hard and that by being tired they have properly done their job.

“date” translation into Japanese

Recently, writing a text message on a mobile phone and showing it to others has become popular as an alternative to whispering. Group online dating, its creators and practitioners say, is safer than traditional Internet dating: With friends in tow, there’s little fear that a date will spike your drink during a trip like the bathroom. It’s more natural, akin to happy-hour mixing.

Interestingly, much like English speakers may say that we’re “stuck on someone,” Japanese speakers use the word 付 ( つ ) く (attach) to.

The part of the whole confession-making process that makes most people in any language nervous is what words to use to convey your feelings. Does this happen in real life?! However, according to most of my Japanese male friends, it actually seems to have the opposite effect with the guys. They will be happy to hear it! It never works out well. Not yet! While these terms are common in first-time aka teenage kokuhaku , as an adult you need to be a bit smoother and more original.

Using an anime-like kokuhaku is just not going to cut it after age

Translation requests ・ 翻訳

When learning Japanese, you’ll come to a point when you want to learn Japanese slang! However, after coming to Japan you might realize that the way people talk to each other is almost always completely different than that! Although this Japanese slang word is more commonly used in eastern Japan, many Japanese use it on a regular basis! Not meaning insane in the head, this word is used to describe something, well, totally insane!

Abbreviated and contracted words are a common feature of Japanese. Long words are often ダブル For example, ”Wデート” (W deeto) means “double date(​s)”; “WW Burger” from Freshness Burger has double beef and double cheese.

You’ve found someone in Japan you’re interested in? Good for you! But you can’t speak Japanese? No worries, here are 20 Japanese phrases of love to guide you on your way to success. Good luck! Japan In-Depth. Jun 23 Oct 25 Whatever the season, month, week, or day, love is in the air. When you meet the one, you’ll know, and you’ll seize the chance. But what if they only speak Japanese, but you don’t know the language? No worries. Here are 20 Japanese phrases of love for you to start with.

42 Steamy, Romantic Japanese Phrases to Get Your Love Game On

Dating no mistake:. Some of these are, of dating, similar to the English way of thinking. Take for example this playful way to ask for a date:. The Ties That Bind:.

Date 日付 (hizuke). Recently, writing a text message on a mobile phone and showing it to others has become popular as an alternative to whispering.

General Education. Feeling romantic? Then perhaps you’re ready to say those three little words. So what are your options? The English sentence “I love you” is thrown around a lot more often and a lot more casually than the equivalent Japanese phrase if you can say there truly is one! This habit is especially true for Japanese men, who more often tend to avoid extremely direct expressions of love. Nevertheless, Japanese people do occasionally say, “I love you,” in Japanese, so it is possible to directly express your love in Japanese, even if doing so is a lot less common.

It is also the one that arguably comes closest in meaning to the English expression “I love you.

Polite and Useful Japanese Business Phrases

Aside from basic greetings, phrases used in shopping, and asking for directions, you’ll find restaurant lingo useful to learn as you’ll need to use them quite frequently. So, here is a guide to some of the most useful phrases to practice when dining and wining in Japan. You will also find some of our top Japanese restaurant picks at the end! Don’t miss it!

Dating in Japanese? No problem. Take these romantic Japanese phrases out for a spin while wooing your girlfriend or boyfriend!

Maybe they speak it, or maybe you just want to impress your significant other with your Japanese language skills. Maybe you want to understand those gushy scenes in shoujo anime. It feels good to make others feel good! But this particular topic offers a lot of insight into the differences between Western cultures and Japanese culture. Ai refers to the love of a person, a romantic love.

Koi is a more general feeling of love, and describes the feeling itself. The difference is pretty subtle.

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Whether you live in Japan for a short time or for a few years, you never know what might happen. Who knows, maybe you will have a date with a Japanese friend tomorrow! So, how would you say dating in Japanese?

Learning Japanese · Learn Japan · Japanese Funny. Japanese Vocabulary: Dating Study Japanese, Japanese Kanji, Japanese Culture, Japanese Phrases.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? I hope this book works for your life in japan. Naka de dashite. Naka inside de dashite to cum. Kuchi ni dashite ii? Kuchi mouth ni in dashite to cum ii okay? Motto issho ni itai. Motto more issho together ni itai to stay. Motto oku made irete.

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When visiting Japan, there are several useful phrases you should probably know, as there may not be many Japanese people who speak English very fluently. But with these key phrases, whether shy or famous, any Japanese-speaking person you talk to will be sure to understand you. The following are some essential, must-know phrases when communicating with Japanese people.

You can shorten the phrase to “arigatou” in a casual situation, but “arigatou gozaimasu” is more polite. Here are some useful phrases for if you happen to lose your way. Even if this is the only thing you are able to say in Japanese, it will be much easier for someone to help you out.

Learning Japanese for a special someone? Our post lists common Japanese dating phrases to help you make a good first impression.

In working with Japanese, I find that a few key phrases tend to come up again and again as being aggravating to them. They tell me that they hear these phrases frequently from their non-Japanese colleagues, particularly Americans. A Japanese colleague asks you to help him with technical information about Product A. But you work in Administration, and thus are not familiar with the technical details of the Product. This interpretation takes place because Japanese feel that any employee should be willing to respond to any request that is made of them.

This relates to the fact that in Japan, employees do not have specific job descriptions, and in many cases may not have specific job titles. Japanese join a company, rather than take a job, so that they have attitude of being ready to do whatever the company might ask of them, whatever is needed at the moment. This is considered good customer service, or helpfulness among colleagues.

Remember, the Japanese person may not know who is the right person to ask or how to get the information.

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